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V4.0 Details

Waveform Manager V4.x is now available.  This is a major functional update from version 3.x with support for many more data types and display formats.  A new family member - Waveform Lab is also now available.   See the sections below for changes to each version.

Waveform Manager Pro

bulletNow supports multiple Waveform and Image windows.
bulletSupports Vector (complex) datasets.
bulletSupports both 16 bit integer and double precision floating point data..
bulletSupports 3D datasets (multiple waveform records per dataset).
bullet3D dataset size limited only by available disk space.
bullet3D waveform display supports waterfall and movie displays of 3D datasets.
bulletNew waveform display formats including Polar, Smith Chart.
bulletHorizontal and vertical scale labeling is now supported.
bulletHorizontal waveform scaling for either log or linear display of both log and linear time increments.
bulletNew rectangular graticule styles emulate classic scope and spectrum analyzer displays.
bulletUp to 4 markers can now be attached to each waveform.  Values displayable in readout bar.
bulletPop-up pointer position readout over waveforms is available in most display modes.
bulletPrologix GPIB adapters (3.x and 4.x) now supported.
bulletBoth Tek VISA and NI VISA are now supported.
bulletSupports HP (Agilent) spectrum analyzers including 856x and 859x series
bulletSupports HP (Agilent) vector network analyzers including the 875x series and the 3577A.
bulletCan now import LT Spice / SwCAD III TXT plot files for most plot types.
bulletAuto Refresh replaces previous Auto Transfer.  Supports transfers from multiple instruments, accumulation of 3D datasets.
bulletEpson ESC/P2, HP PCL screen grab support expanded to include HPGL over both RS232 and GPIB.
bulletUser manual included in PDF form.

Waveform Manager Opt-P

bulletAll items listed above
bulletMultiple window support enables multi phase power measurement.
bulletPower measurements available for each window and total across all windows.

Waveform Lab (New)

bulletAll items listed above (including Opt-P)
bulletSupports waveform math in the form of user definable waveforms.
bulletMath operations include common algebraic, trigonometric, exponential functions.
bulletVector (complex) math is supported along with conversion operations to/from scalar.
bulletSupports FFT/IFT, Step to frequency response and frequency to step response transformations.
bulletSupports signal processing operation such as re-sampling with decimation/interpolation.
bulletSupports Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev LPF functions in the frequency domain.
bulletConverts reflection coefficient (TDR, S11, S22) to impedance.
bulletArrayMax, ArrayMin, ArrayAvg and ArrayStDev operations reduce 3D datasets to 2D.
bulletWaveform Measurement data fields when used in math expressions reduce 3D datasets to 2D.
bulletData fields may be defined using waveform math expressions.


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