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Waveform Lab Demo

The Waveform Lab demo is a full working version of Waveform Lab except that all features that generate output (printing, save to file, copy to clipboard) are disabled. All features found in other versions of the program are also available in Wfm Lab, so one demo version covers all members of the Waveform Manager family.  The demo version also serves as a file viewer for all other version of the program. After you have downloaded, installed, and tried the demo version, contact us to order your fully functional version. 

This demo requires that you already have a functioning version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher installed on the computer to which the demo will be installed.  If IE is not installed, or you have difficulty with this download, please call us and we'll ship you a demo CD.

download demo (WFMDEMO.EXE - 10MB)

Waveform Library

A derivative of Waveform Manager called WaveFile AutoPro was marketed for several years by Progressive Diagnostics Co. to the automotive service industry.  This program has been discontinued, but Progressive has released the waveform library that was part of the product to the public.  The library is available as a collection of Waveform Manager document files that are fully compatible with Waveform Manager Pro V3.0.

go to library download page


Waveform Manager versions up through V2.6 did not include an uninstall program, however they did record a setup log during installation.  An uninstall program is now available which can be used to remove those program versions.  Those versions can be uninstalled without affecting V3.0 installations. 

download uninstall (UNWFM.EXE - 52KB).